Chikungunya outbreak: Satyendra Jain warns Delhiites against ‘self-medication’

New Delhi [India], Sept. 14 : With the chikungunya outbreak in the national capital claiming 10 lives so far, Health Minister Satyendra Jain has advised Delhiites people not indulge in self medication and consult a doctor in case of headache or fever, which are primary symptoms of the vector-borne disease.

After the meeting with Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung and other MCD officials, Jain said, "MCD officials have been asked that within next two days all construction sites should be reviewed and wherever there is stagnant water, the site should be cleaned and owners should be fined for the same." "We have directed all the hospitals to keep ORS solution and do not let any patients face de-hydration," he added.

Stating how to protect one from Chikungunya and Dengue, Jain said, "Do not let water stand in and around your house.

Wear full sleeves clothes, especially kids and if they sleep during the day, wear a mosquito repellent as this mosquito bites during the day.

And third important thing is, do not do self medication because most people do self medication, due to which complications arise.

Follow the prescription of a doctor." "If you have any headache or feel little feverish, drink more and more of ORS solution, lemon water, more and more of fresh fruit juice and drink as much water as much you can," he added.

Jain said that for the next two to three months, leaves of doctors and staff members in all hospitals have been cancelled till the time the situation is not under control.

Earlier, Union Health Minister J.P. Nadda said that no complaints of shortage of medicine or doctors and testing facilities have been reported, adding the Centre is fully prepared to tackle the crisis.

Nadda said the Centre held a review meeting in this regard and found out that there is an increase in the cases of Chikungunya in Delhi, whereas hike in cases of Dengue have been reported in West Bengal, Odisha and Karnataka.

Meanwhile, the people in West Bengal have tested positive for malaria also. Nadda while addressing a press conference informed that no complaints of shortage of medicine or doctors and testing facilities have been reported.

"We today held a review meeting in regard with the upsurge of vector borne diseases. In Delhi, an increase in cases of Chikungunya has been reported and meanwhile large number of cases of fever has been reported.

In West Bengal, Odisha and Karnataka, cases of dengue have been reported. Meanwhile in West Bengal, the cases of malaria have been reported," said Nadda. Nadda further said the Centre also held three video conferences in the regard, adding that he had also called on the Delhi Health Minister and authorities of NDMC and MCD and guided them with the protocol which was to be followed.

"In one video conference, I addressed the state Health Ministers. The second was addressed by the Secretary and the third was done by heads of vector borne diseases," he said.

Meanwhile, Nadda also urged the people not to panic and help in pacifying the current upsurge of vector borne diseases.

However, the chairperson at the Sir Ganga Ram hospital, which has witnessed multiple Chikungunya deaths, said that they have not received any information in writing.

"Have just received e-mail from Govt of India that death reported in Ganga Ram hospital of chikungunya positive patients should be probed a little more and information should be given to them," said Sir Ganga Ram hospital chairman Dr D.S.

Rana. "By and large the message is very clear that chikungunya is not a very fatal disease, people should not get frightened.

Hospitals are doing their best then be it government or private," he added..

Source: ANI