Chinese soldier Wang Qi leaves for Beijing today

New Delhi [India], Feb 11. : Wang Qi, the Chinese soldier who crossed over to India post the 1962 war and raised a family in Madhya Pradesh's Balaghat district, left to visit his native country after five decades on Saturday along with his family.

He is expected to reach Beijing later today, just in time for the Lantern festival. Wang, now 77, was caught for entering the Indian Territory shortly after the Sino-India War of 1962. He was later released from jail and shifted to Tirodi village in Madhya Pradesh where he married a local woman and settled there ever since.

He flew to China with his wife Sushila, their son Vishnu and two other children. After their arrival in China, they would travel to his native place in Shaanxi Province to meet Wang's relatives.

The development has come within a week after a delegation from the Chinese Embassy met Wang who had wanted to visit his country.

Source: ANI