Choose sunscreen according to your skin tone

New Delhi [India], Mar. 27 : Sun protection is essential throughout the year, but it gets yet more important during the summers.

Protecting the skin from excessive exposure is the only way to prevent it from aging, sun burns, and skin discoloration.

The ultimate solution of any sun protection regimen is the proper and regular use of a high SPF sunscreen.

Monica Sood, MD of TBC by Nature tells the ideal sunscreen for each individual skin type: - Sensitive skin: Using sunscreens that contain chemicals like Paraben or oxybenzone on sensitive skin can cause skin rashes and irritation.

A better choice would be physical sunscreens that contain titanium dioxide or zinc oxide which provide excellent protection from the sun but are milder on the skin.

- Acne prone skin: Individuals who are tired of acne-prone skin should shy away from harsh ingredients and also opt for a sunscreen that does not contain any added preservatives or fragrance with high SPF.

They should also avoid greasy sunscreens as they will often result into skin breakouts. There are many great sunscreens specifically formulated for acne prone skin types. - Dry skin: People with dry skin are highly recommended to go for a moisturizing sunscreen. These are specialized sunscreen formulations that contain ingredients that add hydration and moisture to the skin.

Moisturizing sunscreens are usually creams and lotions that help you get a toned skin so look for these terms on the label.

- Fair skin tones: Fair skin toned individuals may use a broad spectrum sunscreen with a higher SPF content.

While an SPF 30 is recommended as the minimal level of protection to your skin, so shoot for an SPF of 50+.

Also, make sure to apply it frequently to balance the ph level and protect from UV rays. - Dark skin tones: People with darker skin should use sunscreen daily to protect their skin. Main concern for people with darker skin have regarding sunscreen use is the potential for chalky or white residue to be left behind on their skin that gives a vague look.

This can be solved by applying a high quality chemical sunscreen..

Source: ANI