Coke Studio to make deaf people experience music

Karachi, Aug. 1 : Coke Studio, known for bringing musicians from every corner into the mainstream, recently took a different kind of initiative in its Pakistani edition.

Titled 'Coke Studio for the Deaf,' this special program tried to make the CS experience accessible to the deaf community of Pakistan, reports the Dawn.

According to Ibrahim Khan, Coca-Cola Brand Manager, "Coke Studio reaches millions around the world, but not the 9 million people hearing-impaired people in Pakistan.

We wanted to bring a small change in that regard." The makers used a combination of lights and vibrations to make some members of the hearing-impaired community experience music.

This initiative has been established in partnership with the Deaf Reach program of the Family Education Services Foundation (FESF).

According to Deaf Reach founder Richard Geary, "Working together with Coke Studio has been a really amazing experience.

Not just because we got to see the experience the young people enjoyed, but to create awareness in the country and internationally about the need to provide more opportunities for the deaf community." "This is what we try to do at Deaf Reach with our school program, vocational training program and jobs program.

And we'd like to engage with other forms of sectors who can make a difference to these kids' lives," he added.

Sharing her experience, a happy listener said, "Whatever my body felt, whatever my brain thought, even though we can't hear the music, we can feel it.".

Source: ANI