Commenting on any religious issue is very personal: Congress

New Delhi [India], Mar. 30 : The Congress Party on Thursday condemned Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for drawing parallel between Namaz and Surya Namasker and said that commenting on any religious issue is very personal.

"Commenting on any religious issue is very personal. One should not comment on such topics. Before comparing two issues, he should have first evaluated the feeling of the community," Congress leader Pramod Tiwari told ANI.

Tiwari further said that one should not make such statements that is not liked by all. While on the other hand, another Congress leader P.L. Punia supported Adityanath's statement and said that the former should also try to promote brotherhood between different communities.

"He should also promote brotherhood between the two community. If it happened then the entire matter will be sorted out. The hatred that has been seen earlier, if he has sacrificed it and is now spreading communal harmony then it is a good sign," he added.

Adityanath yesterday said both Surya Namaskar practised by Hindus and Namaz practised by Muslims have similarities.

"All asanas (postures) in Surya Namaskar, Pranayama activities are similar with the way Namaz is done by our Muslim brothers, but nobody has ever tried to bring them together because few people are interested only in 'bhoga', not yoga," claimed Adityanath.

Adityanath further said, before 2014, even talking about yoga was also considered communal. But things changed after Prime Minister Narendra took steps to make yoga popular across the world. The Chief Minister said he knew the problems of Uttar Pradesh and would solve them with time. "Since I have stayed in UP, travelled from roads to Parliament, begged as a sadhu on the streets, I know what diseases are affecting UP and also their treatment," said Adityanath.

Source: ANI