Congress failing to ‘launch and re-launch’ Rahul Gandhi: BJP

New Delhi [India], Sept. 7 : A day after Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi's "Khat Sabha" began in Uttar Pradesh, where the locals created a havoc by running away with all the brand new cots, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) took a swipe at the grand old party and said that the party is trying to launch and re-launch their vice president and are failing in every endeavour.

Taking a jibe at the Congress party, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said the people of Uttar Pradesh have taken the cots more seriously than Rahul Gandhi.

"There have been efforts by the Congress party to launch and re-launch Mr. Rahul Gandhi. We have seen previous instances during the UP assembly elections previously as well as Lok Sabha elections of 2014 that there were attempts by Congress Party for Rahul Gandhi which failed," Patra told ANI.

"Yet, again there is a trial by Congress to launch Rahul Gandhi from the cot by "Khat", but this launch process is also failing," he added.

He further said that the mad rush of people was more concerned about the cot to take home than Rahul Gandhi.

Attacking the Congress vice president's 2500 kms yatra in Uttar Pradesh, Patra said, "It is a 65-year old Yatra for Congress party and the question is, what has Congress done for the farmers of this country, for the poor people of this country, in this 65 year old Yatra? They have failed in this Yatra." Yesterday, Gandhi reached Rudrapur via chopper and launched the party's door-to-door campaign.

He began his 2500 km-long 'Kisan Yatra' as an effort to reach out to the people of Uttar Pradesh. He reached out to the farming community while cornering the Centre and Samajwadi Party Government for not addressing their concerns despite making tall claims.

"Day1 of the Kisan Yatra ends in Gorakhpur. Tremendous energy (and) support from the people throughout the journey today.Looking fwd to tomorrow!," Rahul said in a tweet.

The Congress vice-president had earlier said his yatra is aimed at helping the poor, farmers and labourers secure their rights.

The "Khat Sabha" with Uttar Pradesh farmers took a dramatic turn when all the local supporters began decamping with the "khats" (Cots) from the venue that had been laid out by his party.

There was unprecedented ruckus and commotion at the ground in Deoria, where the rally was held, after which people started fighting over the cots to take them home.

Source: ANI