Congress should stop preaching: BJP supports PM Modi over ‘expose’ remark

New Delhi [India], Feb. 11 : In the wake of the ongoing assembly polls in five states of the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been on an overhaul ride of outwitting his opponents with sardonic remarks, one after the other.

The remarks have only invited the ire of the political stalwarts, all stating that the statements are unbefitting of his post.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), however, thoroughly supports its leader and has warned the Congress to be wary of its words as he has the power to 'expose' them.

"The kind of language the Congress is using for Prime Minister Modi, the way the 'corruption-riddled' Congress is preaching, is wrong.

They should stop it. They should remember that their whole 'janm-kundli' is with Prime Minister Modi. He knows the scams that took place under the rule of the Congress. The nation also knows it," BJP leader Shahnawaz Hussain said on Saturday. "The Congress should be mindful of its words. Our government, our party is not involved in any scam. This is the first time that such a honest and able government is ruling the country. We are batlling against black money. They are not eligible to speak against us. Because, when Modiji will speak, the Congress will get exposed," he added. Prime Minister Modi, a day before, warned the Congress to not test him, asserting that crossing of limits will result in him exposing the UPA Government's "corrupt" history.

Source: ANI