‘Cosmopolitan’ Jaipur sets global trends with world-class events

Jaipur, Feb 9 : Rajasthan's historic capital city, known globally for its rich heritage and colourful culture, is now emerging as a cosmopolitan hub, setting new trends with world-class events, from an hugely popular literature festival to musical extravaganzas and jewellery shows.

In January, 500,000 visitors, both domestic and foreign, attended the Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF).

Making its mark across the globe, this year the festival grew by 23 per cent in terms of total turnout.

Besides JLF, the "Pink City" also hosted the Jaipur Jewellery Show (JJS) which celebrated its 14th edition in December 2017.

The show lured world-renowned jewellery designers to discuss and reveal the latest trends.

With 37,000 plus visitors in its kitty, the festival discussed upcoming trends emerging for aesthetic jewellery.

"The event was successful in setting the trend for catchy jewellery designs.

The fusion experiments showcased here were something that was accepted and loved by all designers who had come from different regions," said JJS spokesperson Ajay Kala.

He said while foreign traders and consumers were surprised to learn that Jaipur's artisans are so skilled in handicrafts, they were also impressed with the smooth transformation of the city into a modern, competitive business centre.

The national and international designers loved watching these new trends emanating out of this event, Kala added.

The Pink City also hosted around 300 world-renowned delegates as the International Colored Gemstones Association Congress (ICA) in October 2017.

As the event was organised a day after Diwali, the endeavour was to create a magical experience for the most eminent coloured gem stones' traders from across the world.

They discussed how social media can promote the exquisite art of gem stone cutting and polishing which this city is known for.

The best practices in coloured gem stones and the importance of responsible jewellery standards in Indian coloured gemstone industry were discussed at length to take this industry to new heights, said ICA (India) Director Nirmal Bardiya.

The delegates who attended the event came with impressive resumes, vast business acumen and huge gemstone experience.

The ICA Congress is a biennial event which is organised in different parts of the world.

It covers the most recent and important developments in international trade scenario. According to Bardiya, the ICA Congress was organised in Jaipur to boost local business.

The industry leaders across the world discussed the trends of building a story around the products to make jewellery accessible.

The other trend followed by all worldclass jewellers was to find relevance with the consumers to tap into the potential consumers.

International jewellers were in for a surprise by seeing the inroads made by Jaipur in jewellery manufacturing, said Kala.

The city also played a host to world-class musicians such as APEK and Courtland from the US, Teri Miko, and many Indian DJs like Dual Vibes, beatSlayer, Kratix, Ape Dep Toe, and many more during the Dunes Music Festival which was organised in December last year.

The Dunes Music Festival celebrated the vibrancy of modern Rajasthan.

Also called an EDM (Electronic Dance Music) festival, it showcased the fusion of conventional and modern music.

Close on the heels of Sunburn which is organised in Goa, the event witnessed alcohol and music flowing together in this city.

When asked how and why this festival was brought to Jaipur, its organiser Harsh Bawa said: "Thriving on the motto 'Music is a Universal Language', the festival came to Jaipur as the international artists as well as the Indian DJs love Jaipur and Dunes."

All the artists loved the hospitality and colours of Jaipur, he added.

Answering a query if there was any traditional barrier in the event for Rajasthan being known as a traditional state, he said: "Indeed there was no such challenge given Rajasthan has an image of being a traditional state.

This city has welcomed all the good things always. The audience understands EDM, and they want to enjoy in an ambience with great artists."

As the new calendar for the year sets in, the city, it seems, eagerly awaits more such events to add new labels to its heritage tag.

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Source: IANS