Covid-19: Indian MoH to videoconference to learn from China

New Delhi, March 20 : In the wake of coronavirus scare in India, the Ministry of Health will participate in a videoconference to be organised by China to learn about how the communist giant dealt with the severe outbreak of the disease in Wuhan province.

Along with India, representatives of other countries sare expected to join in the videoconference, the date of which is yet to be ascertained.

Most of these nations are believed to be from the South Asia region.

The coronavirus' epicentre was Wuhan province, from which it subsequently spread across the nation and then the world.

While 81,174 people were infected by the virus in China, the outbreak appears to have since slowed down there.

Wuhan has not seen any new case. Now, India too wants to learn how Chinese authorities contained the spread.



Source: IANS