Covid outbreak in China leads to closure of schools, tourist sites

New Delhi, Oct 21 : An outbreak of Covid-19 in China has led to swift restrictions being imposed in multiple Chinese provinces over the last week, the BBC reported.

Since October 16, cases of Covid-19 linked to travel and tourism in China's north have reached at least nine provincial-level regions.

Parts of Inner Mongolia and Gansu province have gone into tight lockdown.

Many schools have closed in both the regions; a school has also closed in Beijing, the report said.

Tourist sites have closed in parts of Xi'an ? the home to the Terracotta Warriors ? and some cities have cancelled large-scale exhibitions and closed venues like cinemas.

The number of cases in China is still relatively low ? only in double digits.

However, it is common for the country to tackle outbreaks by swiftly locking down communities when even one resident tests positive, the report said.

Citywide testing drives have been ordered, and people have been prohibited from leaving the affected areas unless they can show a negative test report within days of travel.

Given many of the affected regions in this latest outbreak are in China's north, the National Health Commission has urged enhanced measures to ensure that Covid prevention work can be carried out safely.

It has particularly emphasised on protecting female medical workers from the cold in the coming months, and has urged limiting the amount of time people spend outdoors.



Source: IANS