Coyote Ugly might get a reboot

Los Angeles, Oct 28 : Model-host-actress Tyra Banks says the cast of the 2000 romantic musical drama Coyote Ugly is trying to work on a reboot.

"We are trying, trying, trying to make this happen.

We are so trying," she told about the possibility of a reboot.

"Maria Bello, Diane Warren did the music, LeAnn Rimes, everybody is in! Piper Perabo, Bridget Moynahan, they're all like, 'Okay, let's do this.'"

Those involved in the project have actually met to discuss how they could create a new story.

"Literally had a meeting recently and we are trying. We're like, 'Is it a movie? Is it a series? Is it our kids? Are our old a**es dancing on the bar still?'" she said.

Banks suggested: "Maybe start with a movie and then move to a series."

She cited legal issues as the reason why a possible reboot was taking time.

"It's more of this technical mumbo jumbo. We have story ideas. We have our original producer, Mr. (Jerry) Bruckheimer, he's down. It's like, 'Come on, let's get this going!'" she exclaimed.

"It's logistics. It's legistics. But we're ready."

The 2000 film revolved around Violet (Perabo), a singer-songwriter who got a job working at the a named Coyote Ugly, as she tried to begin her music career in New York.



Source: IANS