CPEC will have huge impact on Baloch people: Claudia Waeldich

Oberhausen [Germany], May 15 : Asserting that the USD 51.5 billionChina-Pakistan Economic Corridor will have a huge impact on the Baloch people, German lawyer and human right activist Claudia Waeldich said the people of Balochistan already have no access to the Gwadar port as has been to China for 40 years.

"The demography of the region will change as China will bring its own workers to work in Balochistan. The Baloch will be expelled from their villages and homes," Waeldich warned. She alleged that the Pakistan Army has already began its operation to achieve there aim of expelling the Baloch people.

Waeldich said that only local security officials will find work and the rest of the population will be excluded contrary to the promise of creating new jobs for the Baloch.

"The CPEC will incorporate 2000kilometer transport link in Kashgar in north west of China to Gwadar Port in Balochistan on the Arabian Sea near border to Iran.

The geo-economy of China would change the geo-strategy from Asia to Europe in the Silk Routes to be built and pact by the new Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank (AIIB) which was established for this purpose to finance all projects of the CPEC," she said.

Waeldich warned that China is spreading its political and economic influence in the region through specific conditions of the CPEC, which have Pakistan's support.

"China signed with the Punjab regime to secure influence over the resources along the CPEC with the help of Special Security Division (SSD) which is responsible for the security of China in CPEC regardless of the interest of the Baloch and other deprived regions in Pakistan," she said.

There are nine special economic zones planned. These planned enclaves are Special Economic Zones for which energy and water supply will have to be supplied from Baloch resources and it will not be open to Baloch investors in their own countries.

Taxes will not be paid by Chinese in Balochistan," she added. Waeldich further said that Balochistan still exists as a state and also cited that Pakistan founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah had acknowledged the independence of Balochistan as it is shown in a document.

So, consistency of this document can't be guaranteed. "We are appealing to end this one sided illegal contract and to set up a new one to the benefit of Baloch and other deprived regions of Pakistan," she said.

Source: ANI