Daniel Craig shows his crazy side in ‘Logan Lucky’ trailer

New Delhi [India], May 29 : James Bond is about to get criminal for Logan brothers. The trailer of the much-awaited heist comedy 'Logan Lucky' was recently unveiled on the movie's official Twitter handle.

The trailer opens with Jimmy (Channing Tatum) getting fired from his construction job and Clyde (Adam Driver), his one-armed brother working behind the bar.

They both plan to rob the Coca-Cola 600 race at Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina over Memorial Day weekend.

As the footage moves forward, the Logan brothers pay a visit to Blonde-haired Joe (Daniel Craig) in prison and remind them that he's incarcerated.

Jimmy tells Joe, "We got a plan to get you out." The clip concludes with Joe insulting the pair by saying, "You Logans must be as simple minded as people say." The trailer is witty, fun and you might see Daniel Craig in a never seen before avatar.

The film also features Seth MacFarlane, Katie Holmes, Sebastian Stan and Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank.

Helmed by Steven Soderbergh, the flick is slated to release on August 18 in the US..

Source: ANI