Dannii Minogue hated homeschooling son during lockdown

Sydney, March 8 : Australian singer-songwriter Dannii Minogue says that homeschooling her 10-year-old son was the toughest thing to do during lockdown.

She admits she is not a good teacher, and had to remember maths concepts in order to teach him.

"I am really bad at being a teacher -- it's not for me.

Maths gets me more frustrated than any other subject. I have to remind myself how to do things like long division," Dannii said in an interview with Hello magazine, according to a dailymail.co.uk report.

She added that teaching her son was actually exhausting for her.

"Then try to explain it to Ethan and he sees me struggling with it. I am exhausted by the end of the day," she pointed out.

Last July, Minogue received a lot of flak when hotel quarantine stay for her and her ex-partner, English model Kris Smith, was done away with by the Queensland government.



Source: IANS