DDA issues notification to enable private land development

New Delhi, July 5 : The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) on Thursday issued a notification to enable planned development of private land in Delhi, official sources said.

The policy to enable the planned development of privately owned land in Delhi was approved by the DDA in December last year and the same was circulated to all urban local bodies and other government agencies.

The policy will be applicable to private land pockets left out of planned development, and which could not be acquired, land pockets for which acquisition proceedings were quashed by courts, or where acquisition lapsed as per Sub-Section 2 and Section 24 of the new land acquisition law.

"This policy shall not be applicable to areas falling in Zone O, covered under water bodies, land pockets falling under ridge, regional park, reserved forest areas, monument regulated zones, lal dora/extended lal dora, disputed land and land parcels already eligible for land pooling," said a release issued by the Housing and Urban Affairs Ministry.

"Development on the privately owned land shall be in consonance with the land use as notified in prevailing Master Plan Delhi/Zonal Development Plan (MPD/ZDP) or land use/use premises mentioned in already approval layout plans/schemes, if any or as specified in these regulations."

As per the other salient features, "privately owned lands with pre-MPD 1962 activities/use can choose to continue with the same activity/use provided that all provisions specified in the regulations are met".

"On above land with pre-MPD-1962 activities, the landowner can also opt to develop as per the use specified in the prevailing MPD/ZDP/approved layout plan subject to payment of requisite charges," reads the release.

"As per policy, a Grievance Redressal Mechanism to address all grievances/disputes that may arise during the implementation of the policy shall be set up."

Earlier as per MPD-1962, the process of planned development was based on large-scale acquisition and development of land.

It was envisaged as a public sector-led process with very little private participation in terms of development of both shelter and infrastructure services.

The same planning process was substantially reiterated in the Master Plan for Delhi 2001 (MPD-2001), as per the release.



Source: IANS