Deal4Loans changes corporate identity to Wishfin

New Delhi [India], Mar 16 : India's leading financial marketplace Deal4loans has announced its new corporate identity 'Wishfin'.

The name captures the company's mission of fulfilling aspirations and wishes of users via financial products and services covering the broad spectrum of wealth management, investment, and credit.

The rebranding also heralds the expansion of the company's focus to other financial products, such as mutual funds, savings products, and insurance.

"Our wish to elevate the act of seeking finance from a one-off transaction to a behavior changing habit of fulfilling wishes, pragmatically and consistently, with the help of technology, has been the key motivation behind our rebranding from Deal4loans to Wishfin.

Intrinsic to this new brand direction, is the desire to change the way users approach and experience personal finance.

Our powerful mission statement clarifies our new direction, 'Enabling Wishes with the power of finance and technology," said board chairman Mywish Marketplaces, Puru Vashishtha.

"The brand is conceived around the theme of 'Enablement,' because Wishfin sees Finance as an 'enabler' of life goals, and technology as the key enabler of 'financial access' in the digital age.

So, we chose a symbol of 'enablement' that is ubiquitous in the modern smartphone paradigm - The 'Enable' Button.

In this age, amazing things can be 'enabled' by simply touching a button. We feel that for the consumer, enabling Wishes should be as simple as touching the 'Enable' button. The new brand identity has been designed to communicate this vision and product promise, simply and unambiguously.

So, the next time a user sees an 'enable button,'" added Puru. Wishfin has always been a trendsetter in the Fintech world. And in keeping with that reputation, Wishfin has launched several new Industry-first features to further its brand proposition.

On one hand, the company has launched Chatbots - an Artificial Intelligence based automated customer engagement tool to guide its customers in 'lightweight' financial decisions such as choosing a credit card.

On the other hand, Wishfin has launched a specialized service - Wish Experts, a panel of highly qualified and experienced Relationship Managers dedicated to guiding customers in charting the best path towards fulfilling their Wishes.

A unique aspect of the service is that a Wish Expert is not assigned, but chosen by the Customer from the panel, based on performance ratings giving by earlier customers.

Wish Experts are already a hit with customers seeking neutral advice to enable their Wishes. This new brand identity, built on top of cutting edge fintech technology, hopes to communicate and demonstrate Wishfin's vision of helping millions of customers make responsible financial decisions.

Source: ANI