Delhi budget: AAP announces more clinics, polyclinics

New Delhi [India], Mar 8 : Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Wednesday presented the Delhi Budget 2017-18 with maximum allocation of Rs.

5,736 crore for the health care sector. Throwing light on the economic and financial health of Delhi over the last year, Sisodia presented the projections for 2017-18.

He said that the GDP growth rate had slowed down a little last year, while it is expected to catch up this year.

Sisodia also made it clear that education remains a priority for Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Government. "By the end of this year, there will be 150 mohalla clinics and 150 polyclinics by the end of 2018," added Sisodia.

He also said that work is going on to increase the number of beds to 20,000, which will be done by adding seven hospitals and remodelling 10 existing hospitals.

However, currently, there are 10,820 beds in Delhi government hospitals. This too was promised by the government in the previous budget. "MCDs get Rs. 7,571 crore, about 15 percent of the total budget outlay. AAP will make its debut in civic body elections due next month," added Sisodia. He also focused on early childhood learning centers that will be opened by the government. "In a child's first two to six years, if we concentrate on their learning abilities and develop those, it will benefit.

Ten early childhood centers to be opened on a pilot basis," added Sisodia..

Source: ANI