Delhi Govt. puts complete ban on ‘Chinese manja’

New Delhi, Aug. 16 : Taking a serious note of the use of 'Chinese Manja' inflicting fatal injuries on birds and humans as well, the Delhi Government on Tuesday banned the Chinese Manjha in the national capital.

The government, however, allowed kite flying with a cotton thread and natural fibre free from any metallic and glass component.

The government has issued a notification imposing a complete ban on the sale, production, storage, supply and use of nylon, plastic and Chinese Manjha and any other kite-flying thread, which is sharp.

Recently, a 28-year-old man died in West Delhi, whose throat was slit by such a thread while he was riding a motorbike.

Earlier in the month, the government had informed the Delhi about its plans to issue a notification banning the Chinese manja and threads with metallic or glass components.

Source: ANI