Delhi lockdown: People in Outer Delhi just don’t care

New Delhi, March 23 : The lockdown declared by the Delhi government following the coronavirus scare has no meaning for people in Outer Delhi as they are violating the norms in areas such as Nangloi, Paschim Vihar, Vikaspuri, Mundka, Peeragadhi, Janakpuri and Tilaknagar without any fear.

In the lockdown situation only the shops that sell essential goods are allowed to open, but here in Outer Delhi, salons, vehicle mechanics and paan shops have been opened since morning.

Moreover, e-rickshaws and gramin sewa tempos were seen plying on road without any hesitation, while Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in the press conference on Sunday had clearly stated that these things will be completely banned.

The most surprising thing is that whether it is e-rickshaw or gramin sewa, they were packed with passengers.

Shockingly, only a quarter of the riders were seen wearing masks. Some gramin sewa drivers were also seen opting for internal routes to escape lockdown and earn money. The police, however, are monitoring the situation on main routes but they can't even stop these vehicles inside the colonies.

A Reliance Fresh's store in Syed village of Nangloi was full of customers and they were seen pushing each others to purchase the goods.

When IANS contacted the manager of this store, he said that he has instructed the guard to allow only one person from a family to come in and stop those who have not wearing a mask, but people are not following the instructions.

The people apparently came to buy essentials goods for the whole month, hence, almost everyone had a companion but almost a half of these had no masks on their faces.

Moreover, the Section 144 is in forces that prohibits gathering of four and more people at one place at one time.

But in areas such as Nihal Vihar, Vikaspuri and Janakpuri, people were moving freely. Customers were also purchasing plants from nursery. A salon was also opened in Nihal Vihar.

Despite the Section 144 is in force, people were seen in groups at many places in these areas.

This threatens to spread more of this epidemic. People either lack awareness or are deliberately flouting the rules.

In areas like Tilaknagar and Nihal Vihar, many gurdwaras were seen open against the government's orders.

Kejriwal had said in the press conference that no one will be stopped but people should come out only when its extremely urgent but in such a large areas, no policeman was seen questioning anyone.

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Source: IANS