Delhi: Post office robbed off 17 cash bags in Anand Vihar

New Delhi [India], Feb. 20 : A post office in Delhi's Anand Vihar was looted by five to six unknown men and around 17 bags on money were stolen on Sunday night.

According to reports, 17 bags of money were looted from the post office, however, the exact amount of money has not been ascertained yet.

The police say that before the incident was carried out, the wrongdoers allegedly drugged the two security guards that were on duty and held them hostage before carrying out the robbery.

The police were informed of the situation over two hours later in the wee hours of Monday morning, and upon reaching the crime location, they found the two guards in an intoxicated state and were therefore not able to recall exactly what happened.

The Police further revealed that intoxicating the guards made the robbery easier to be carried out. Resources in this office are collective of 32 other small post offices in the area. Police stated that if the robbers had succeeded in breaking open the primary vault, a lot of monetary damage would have been caused.

Furthermore, there was only one CCTV camera installed in the premises, footage of which was not clear enough to identify the conspirators.

Source: ANI