Delhi’s containment zone count goes up to 97

New Delhi, April 26 : The containment zone tally in the national capital on Sunday reached 97 with two new red zones added in to list in the last 24 hours.

While one new zone was formed in the South-East district, another was formed in the North district.

According to the Delhi government, in the North district, the whole of the Kumhar Gali (house number 1751 to 1815) to Chaupal Chowkm Kotla Mubarakpur has been sealed.

In the North district, Gali numbers 3, 4 and 5 Majlis Park in Adarsh Nagar has been sealed.

Among the districts, the highest containment zones are in the South-East District with 20 such zones; followed by the West district with 13 red zones.

The containment zones are announced by the district administration after three or more COVID cases are found in an area.

There has been an increase in the containment zones in the city. On April 8, there were only 20 containment zones in the city.

After the administration seals an area naming it a 'containment zone', the Delhi government starts 'Operation SHIELD' in the area.

The Operation SHIELD -- Sealing, Home Quarantine, Isolation and Tracking, Essential Supply, Local Sanitisation and Door-To-Door Checking -- is used to control the spread of the virus, the Delhi Health Department said.

The containment zones -- created to map the local transmission of the disease and prevent the contagion from spreading -- completely shuts the movement of the common people with the authorities taking care of the essential supplies.

The area and the houses in it are sanitised properly.

Delhi has reported about 2,625 cases and 54 deaths related to COVID-19 so far.



Source: IANS