Devesh Rai announces foray into B2B market with Wydr

New Delhi, Aug 1 : Driven by rich and deep understanding of the e-commerce business Devesh Rai announced foray into the B2B market with launch of Wydr, a first-of-its kind mobile first innovative wholesale B2B marketplace.

Founder and CEO at Wydr, Devesh Rai manages the platform's business, along with product development, technology, marketing and supply chain.

"The concept of Wydr didn't appear to me over night. It was while dealing with several brands and wholesalers during my past stints with companies that I identified several gaps and pain points in the business of bulk buying and selling," said Devesh.

"Regressive aspects like broken up distribution chain, cost involved in setting up a sales team across the country, low trust market, payment safety issues and logistics etc were hindering the B2B market from reaching its true potential.

Additionally, the fact that offline retail is and will continue to have lion's share of the retail business; I saw immense potential in taking the B2B market online," added Devesh.

"Our aim is to become a platform of choice for wholesale buyers and sellers by bringing in the best online innovations that makes wholesale buying and selling easier, more efficient and transparent, eventually connecting Indian Wholesale buyers and sellers with their global counterparts," he added.

Wydr adapted from the word wider is an innovative Business to Business (B2B) marketplace which brings brands, wholesalers, importers and retailers on one single platform with a vision to aggregate the unorganized and fragmented Indian wholesale market.

With innovation in its very DNA, Wydr's competitive edge lies in its smart network capability, structured chat enabled features, private marketplace capability infused with speed of conducting business, trust and transparency.

The Smart Search and Favorites options help buyers to find and mark important chats, products, deals, sellers etc.

easily. Wydr brings in an innovation led approach to address the highly fragmented wholesale market and acts as an e-marketplace providing technology stack for real time cataloging, deal discovery, network building, order management and processing, search, cart, work flows, dispute resolution, customer care and logistics.

For buyers and retailers, Wydr promises increased sourcing options, real time new product and price discovery, rendering wholesale hubs redundant while their marketplace mechanism efficiently brings in higher transparency in products prices.

The MyNet feature in the Wydr app has been created specifically for wholesalers, importers and brands and it assists them in building their own networks, conducting chats, negotiating and finalizing deals with buyers.

The core benefit lies in the ERP based management of existing businesses in a more organized manner..

Source: ANI