‘Disenchanted’: Magician turns into a vegetable seller amid lockdown

Jaipur, April 27 : A renowned magician from Rajasthan's Dholpur, who once organised packed shows in different parts of the country, has turned into a vegetable vendor due to the huge financial losses in his profession following the lockdown to combat Covi-19 epidemic.

The magician, popularly known as RJ Samrat Jadugar, has to turn to this to satiate the hunger of his family including three kids during the present lockdown as there is no other source of regular income for the family.

Amid tough circumstances, he owes liabilities like rent and regular groceries for his family among many more.

"It's been over a month since this lockdown was clamped in the country.

There are no more shows being organised during lockdown... no audience. In this scenario, there is no money left with us. I need to earn to fulfil the hunger pang of my family. At times, I feel shy selling veggies on this cart in congested lanes of the town... however, there is no other option at this point of time," he says.

Samrat says that his last show was organised in Madhya Pradesh's Ashok Nagar in March.

"In wake of lockdown, all my workers have been sent to their villages," he adds.

This magician had organised 11,000 shows across the nation in last 15 years and has created many international records too.

It has been over a month since the lockdown has been clamped in the nation and ever since, there have been many stories coming out reflecting how various businesses and trades are making losses.

In the series comes the story of this magician who once used to make people smile in wonder with his skills, but now, has lost his own smile to the lockdown which has brought in huge financial losses for him.



Source: IANS