Divisive forces want Valley’s children to be nothing more than ‘stone-pelters’: Nirmal Singh

Jammu [India], Nov. 1 : With around 25 schools having been burnt down in the Valley in the last three months, the state government on Tuesday asserted that divisive forces at hard at work to ensure the children of the state don't aspire to be anything more than 'stone-pelters', which is why their very education was being targeted.

Speaking to ANI here, Jammu and Kashmir Deputy Chief Minister Nirmal Singh launched an attack on Pakistan, accusing them of leading the current state of unrest in the Valley.

"They (Pakistan) are sending terrorists here and using Hurriyat as a mask to run its agenda in the Valley.

People of the valley want peace and they want their children to go to school. Back in the old days, they would burn down libraries to hurt the sentiments of people and now, it's the schools," Singh said.

Stating that most of the schools that have been targeted are government school, the Deputy Chief Minister added that the agenda of the divisive forces behind attacking schools is that the children do not get educated and remain blind to the reality in the Valley.

"Most of the children that come to government schools are poor or from villages. By attacking their education, these divisive forces want to ensure that the children remain nothing more than stone pelters," Singh said.

Meanwhile, the state's High Court stepped in today and asked the government to protect the schools in the Valley which are under attack.

The High Court has taken "suo moto cognisance" or acted of its own accord to order the state government to take preventive measures.

The court also directed the police and administration to ensure protection of schools besides unmasking those responsible.

Source: ANI