Don’t be fooled on matrimonial sites, be wary

New Delhi, May 24 : Looking for a life partner on an online matrimony platform? Be vigilant about the safety and security measures you take to avoid being fooled.

Saneesh Sukumaran, Founder and CEO, suggests tips users must keep in mind before or while surfing the matrimony platforms:

* Via email: Registering the email ID is a primary mode of contact while making a profile on a matrimony platform.

But an email is a very important thing as most important things are often linked with it. We suggest you create a new email ID when you make your profile on a matrimony platform.

* Time and space: People with good intentions will give you your personal space and time to interact.

They will not pressurise or trick you to share your personal information.

* Inconsistent behaviour: While talking to anyone on a matrimony platform, make sure that you ask enough questions to know the person better and check for compatibility.

Also with frequent questions, it will help you to find out that if the person is hiding something or catch lies if any.

* Warning signs: Make sure that there is no emotional imbalance or character traits that are inappropriate in any way.

In case of any inconsistencies regarding their age, interest, marital status, profession and employment, failure to answer questions are clear warning signs.

* Scam: In case you meet anyone online starts enquiring about your money or property and starts demanding money, cut off all the communication with them immediately.


Rajasekar K.S., General Manager - Marketing,, suggests:

* Never reveal your account information: Keep your user name and password safe.

Remember, no one from any trusted service will ever ask you for the same. Do not create easy passwords. For your safety, it's recommended that you change the password regularly.

* Check the site before logging in: To access a trusted service, always type in the correct URL of the trusted service into your browser window.

Do not click on unsafe links. This keeps your credentials safe and secure.

* Do background checks: Please commit to marriage only after face-to-face meetings, especially after meeting prospective groom or bride's parents/relatives.

Visit their place of work. Do a thorough personal reference check. You may also want to look at their social media profiles. If the person is reluctant to share workplace or job details or meet in person along with parents, you should be cautious.

Do not commit to marriage or continue to communicate with such people.

* Safety in public: While meeting prospects, it is recommended that you meet in safe public places.

This way you can avoid getting into any kind of trouble. Always keep your family or friends informed of your meetings with prospects.

* Never ever give money to anyone: Do not transfer funds or offer financial help to the other person under any circumstance.

The moment someone asks you for money citing some reason or the other, you should become cautious and it's recommended that you avoid any further calls from them.

Also report this to the service.

* How to detect a fraudster online: You can identify them by the following;

They are not willing to show their face, reluctant to come on video chat as the profile photo may not be theirs or are reluctant to meet in person.

Express "love" too quickly even before fully understanding each other.

Sound inconsistent or confusing when you ask for personal details.

If anyone is in a mad rush for early marriage without a valid reason.

Ask for money transfer, citing some emergency.



Source: IANS