‘Drishyam’ director Jeethu Joseph: Social media helps fans to know of films in other languages

New Delhi, Feb 18 : Filmmaker Jeethu Joseph, best known for directing the 2013 Malayalam hit Drishyam, feels the credit of increasing amalgamation of film industries across India goes to social media.

Joseph is currently gearing up for the release of the Mohanlal-starrer Drishyam 2 on OTT.

"The exchange of stories between various film industries in India has increased in the last three to four years.

It is because of social media. People in every state hear about other films. They hear about Malayalam movies, we hear about Marathi movies. Now, only the language is different, otherwise it has become a single industry," Joseph tells IANS.

He defined the Drishyam films as family drama or mystery movies.

"It has to be an edge of-the-seat-film. We have to work carefully because a loose scene can distract the audience, may be some shots can reveal the suspense.

We have to keep the suspense intact and there has to be logic. In my films, logic is important. Regarding Drishyam, everyone says that's it is a crime thriller but I feel that Drishyam is a family drama or a mystery movie," he says.

Considering there is a gap of over seven years between the first film and Drishyam 2, what were the challenges of directing the sequel to an immensely popular film? "My main challenge was to keep the continuity of characterisation.

Of course, there was going to be a change physically and mentally. The elder girl is in college and younger girl in is plus-two now. Everyone has changed, even George kutty (played by Mohanlal) has changed but the characterisation has to be the same," shares Joseph.

Did the success of the first film affect him? "I wasn't thinking about making Drishyam 2 as successful as Drishyam.

I was thinking of making it an equally good Drishyam. No filmmaker can predict the success of a film. I don't know if it will get commercial or critical success. I am ready for everything," says Joseph.

Drishyam 2 will digitally release on February 19.



Source: IANS