Eco-friendly Christmas tree draws revellers in Bengaluru

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], Dec. 23 : An eco-friendly Christmas tree outside a church is attracting huge crowd here. The 25 feet tree, created by the members of the Mar Thoma Church, is completely made using recyclable material.

"This year we have used carton boxes and also potato and onion sacks. Basically, carton boxes are used to keep things, carry things, and also to shift things from one area to another.

So it is basically to contain to convey, to carry. So to say to the society that we as people, what kind of values that we contain, what sort of attitude that we convey and what is our responsibility that we carry to the next generation," said Marthoma Church priest Dr Sham P Thomos.

This is the 10th successive year when the church had come with a unique idea for the Christmas tree. In western Mumbai city, however, the markets, which come to life during this time of the year, were missing their buzz.

Residents say it's an effect of demonetisation of high value bank notes. "There is a lot of effect (of demonetisation) on the market. As previously, in this same road, we had a lot of decorations but today I cannot find anything. Christmas is like on the way as only two days are left," said a local resident. Prime Minister Narendra Modi dropped a bombshell on November 8 by abolishing 500 and 1,000 rupee notes that accounted for 86 per cent of cash in circulation.

Shops have stocked up on Christmas goodies and decorations, but customers remain elusive. India's 1.2 billion population comprises of about 2.5 percent Christians and the festival is celebrated with much pomp and gaiety across India with people spending lavishly on decorations and gifts.

Christmas celebrations are marked by carols, cakes and candles, among other things..

Source: ANI