Election Campaign for local polls enters final phase in Nepal

Kathmandu [Nepal], May 11 : The election campaign in Nepal has now entered in its final phase as the time for the campaigning is going to end on Thursday Mid-night.

Clause 69 of the local level elections directives states the provision, which bars political parties from campaigning in the silence period and Clause 69 (1) does not permit them to run publicity campaign in the silence period, which starts 48 hours before the polling.

The political parties participating in the polls started their campaign from early in the morning by organising door to door programs as well as gatherings, whereas some are scheduled to hold programs later in the afternoon.

The local election directive also bars the candidates to campaign through social media or any other means.

With the arrival of silence period, the reports about clashes between the cadres of various parties are being reported in the center.

The electoral body Election Commission (EC) of Nepal has claimed to be observing those incidents but declined to give further details.

The Election Commission on Wednesday called the leaders of main parties and made them to pledge with the Election Code of Conduct.

Nepal will be holding first phase of its historic local level election on Sunday which will start from 7 a.m.

and closes at 5 p.m. (Local Time)..

Source: ANI