Elli AvrRam shot ’24 hours non-stop’ for new video ‘Fidaai’

Mumbai, March 6 : Actress Elli AvRam stars in the new music video "Fidaai", which dropped on Saturday, alongside dancer-choreographer Salman Yusuff Khan.

She recalls a particularly challenging shoot to bring alive the Latino moves in the song.

"It was a very tough shoot.

I ended up shooting for 24 hours non-stop, with only 30 minutes of lunch break -- something I never knew I could be capable of doing! I genuinely worked very hard to nail this choreography," said Elli.

"Fidaai" is sung by sung by Rahul Jain, and the video is directed and choreographed by Saurabh Prajapati.

"I sat with Saurabh, the director, and discussed the dress that I'm wearing.

It's very different from what you usually see for contemporary or Latin dance. I wanted a little fairy tale look which is also very bohemian -- very artistic yet Asian fusion. I wanted to look like Nature, as it stands for nurturing, and that is what the girl (that I portrayed) was for Salman's character.

It was important for me to create a look that has depth and meaning to it," Elli said about the creative process of the video.



Source: IANS