eTeki’s innovative technical interviewing services launched in India

Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh) [India], Nov. 2 (ANI- Business Wire India): eTeki, Inc., an award-winning technical interviewing marketplace, headquartered in Tampa, FL expands technical interviewing services to serve the screening needs of technical recruiters and hiring managers throughout India.

The eTeki operations and development center, located in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, currently provides clients with a concierge approach to selecting from and scheduling with more than 1,200 technical interviewers, representing 45+ countries - spanning over 5,000 technologies and technical skills.

"I founded eTeki to help hiring managers, IT recruiters, HR and decision-makers get true insight into a candidate's technical prowess prior to a face-to-face interview," said Bala Nemani.

"Traditional technical screening gauges competencies, however, eTeki gathers data on candidate experience and competencies simultaneously leveraging a human factor - the eTeki interviewer." This approach to IT assessment increases candidate satisfaction, provides both quantitative and qualitative data, shortens time-to-fill, increases the quality of hires, and significantly reduces risk associated with traditional approaches to tech interviews.

Our clients augment their internal capacity and expertise to screen top tech candidates and make informed hiring decisions based on structured technical interviews and expert feedback delivered to the recruiter and/or hiring manager in 24 hours or less.

Quality and speed of the technical interviews at a scalable level requires a lot of talent, and we're proud to have a network of freelance interviewers with expertise in virtually every stack.

The recent companies, who have benefitted from using eTeki's services include: AbsoluteData, ScaleneWorks, NPD Global, Convene Technologies, Bizintex, LessPercent, Amzur Technologies and Khameleon Software.

eTeki provides on-demand technical interviews as a service helping hiring managers and recruiters make fast, informed hiring decisions by leveraging top technical interviewers with expertise in virtually every stack.

Clients submit their interview assignments and receive expert feedback on technical skill readiness of IT job candidates in just 24 hours or less. (ANI- Business Wire India).

Source: ANI