Evacuate people stranded within, outside J (and) K: Bukhari

Srinagar, March 28 : Jammu Kashmir Apni Party (JKAP) President Altaf Bukhari on Saturday demanded immediate evacuation of J (and) K residents, including students and labourers staying away from their homes within and outside the country.

In a statement issued here, Bukhari urged the government to take urgent measures in order to ensure availability of food, shelter and medicines to such stranded J (and) K residents, including students and labourers who are stuck in different parts of the country amid COVID-19 lockdown.

"I appeal to the Union government to take concrete measures for their safe evacuation and till then, make all arrangements through the receptive state governments for their shelter and sustenance," Bukhari said.

He said hundreds of students, traders, especially dealing in handicrafts, and labourers from J (and) K are stranded in different parts of the country including Goa, Kolkata, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Mumbai, Punjab, Uttrakhand and Hyderabad who have sent distress calls to their families.

"I am told that most of these stranded students and labourers are facing immense difficulties, including shortage of money due to the lockdown.

The Central government must take concrete measures to address their woes," Bukhari said.

The JKAP President said if the evacuation of J (and) K's stranded students, traders and labourers from the rest of the country and outside is not possible at the moment due to the unprecedented situation, the minimum the government could do is to reach out to them with the help of respective state governments and embassies in different parts of the world wherever such people are stranded.



Source: IANS