Ex-FBI chief admits leaking memos to prompt special counsel

Washington D. C. [USA], June 8 : Former F.B.I. chief James Comey in his testimony admitted to leaking the contents of his memo documenting his meeting with Donald Trump during which the President allegedly asked him to drop the investigation into former national security advisor Michael Flynn, with the help of a 'close friend'.

Comey said that he was moved to act after the President tweeted a cryptic threat about the former "better hope that there are no 'tapes' of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!" According to Comey, a few days after the tweet, he woke up "in the middle of the night" with the realisation that there might be a tape of his conversation with the President.

"I needed to get that out into the public square," he said. Over Russian meddling in last year's presidential election, Comey said he had no doubt Russia attempted to influence the 2016 election but said no one asked him to end the investigation into meddling.

Comey said that he first became aware of Russian cyber intrusions in late summer 2015. He described the intrusion attempts as a "massive effort to target non-governmental and near-governmental targets." He said that there were hundreds, possibly thousands, of attempted intrusions.

Source: ANI