Expecting Frank Ocean’s ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ release this Friday

New York, Aug. 2 : Looks like the long wait for the Frank Ocean fans will finally be over by the end of this week. According to a source, the R-and-B singer will be releasing his latest record, 'Boys Don't Cry,' on Friday through an exclusive deal with Apple Music, reports the New York Times.

It will be the first album since his last release on 2012, titled 'Channel Orange,' which was widely hailed by critics and nominated for six Grammy Awards The release is also expected to include a major video and a printed publication called 'Boys Don't Cry,' that will be distributed at Apple stores.

The source added that the album is expected to remain exclusive to Apple for two weeks before becoming more widely available.

Ocean first announced the new title three years ago and seemed to play with the long wait when he included the image of an old-school library due-date slip labeled 'Boys Don't Cry' on a website connected to the album.

He even added a series of stamped dates going back over a year. On Monday, a mysterious video appeared on the same website showing a pair of workbenches in a large empty room.

Director Francisco Soriano briefly took credit for the video itself early Monday in an Instagram post that was later deleted.

But many viewers did notice the Apple Music logo in a watermark on the feed..

Source: ANI