Experience some adventure this Diwali break

New Delhi [India], Oct.24 : Does the prospect of travelling to a challenging destination bring on an adrenaline rush? Then pack your bags and get set go during this Diwali break.

For such adventure enthusiasts, whose quest is never-ending, Kapil Goswamy, the MD and founder of BigBreaks.com have come up with some adventure trip ideas.

The very first one is river rafting in Rishikesh. If you are a true adventure seeker, river rafting in Rishikesh could be your gateway to bliss. All you need to do is to head for this small town near Haridwar with a group of friends. Once there, get into a strong inflatable boat and experience Mother Nature at its wildest! Riding the swift power of the Ganga will convince you that there is nothing more adventurous than this.

The exhilaration is heightened by the breathtakingly beautiful surroundings. So whether you are a novice, or an expert, Rishikesh provides the perfect rafting and adventure opportunity.

A number of rapids across different grades and stretches make it convenient for you to choose the difficulty level of the excursion you undertake.

It's an activity that is challenging and delightful at the same time. Try it. It might be the beginning of the addiction. Secondly, you can go caving in Meghalaya. Meghalaya is a hidden treasure trove when it comes to adventure! This north-eastern state has some enchanting caves, waterfalls, hills, and mountains.

The Khasi and the Jaintia hills are two of the popular ones where you can go cave-hunting. Krem Dam, Krem Lymput and Krem Mawjymbuin are other popular spots explored by adventure enthusiasts. These deep, dark, and watery caves offer an incredible experience full of thrill. Another famous adventure destination in Meghalaya is the famous double-decker root bridge near Cherrapunji.

The three kilometer long trek starts at Tyrna village near Cherrapunji. It is a challenging climb with 3,500 stairs and involves crossing the narrow steel suspension bridges built over raging rivers.

Carry some energy bars and don't forget a first aid kit, you never what creatures you may meet on the way.

Wear comfortable shoes that provide a good grip during ascent. Once you reach the spot you will be awestruck by the man-made wonder (built by the Khasi tribe), a strong web of tangled root bridges connecting two banks.

One can also think of tiger spotting in Sundarbans. This swampy region of shift tides located on the Bay of Bengal is another preferred destination for adventure and wildlife seekers.

Sundarban National Park, home to the rare and beautiful Royal Bengal Tiger, has been declared a 'World Heritage Site' by UNESCO.

Tiger spotting is the key attraction here, but there is lots more adventure you can hope to have. The Sundarbans have a wide array of wildlife unseen in most parts of the world- crocodiles, pythons, monkeys, and some 260 species of birds.

What more would you want to encounter? Consider renting a boat or steamer and set sail in the morning.

The cruise inside dense mangrove forests and creeks through river canals is exhilarating. You may consider a night stay at the Sudhanyakhali watch tower. This watch tower has a capacity to host 25 persons at a time. There is a sweet water pond in the vicinity where animals come to drink water. Behind the pond are stretches of land bereft of any vegetation where one can sight animals from a distance.

If you're lucky, and use your keen, patient eye, you might even spot the Royal Bengal tiger. If you want some thrills and chills, how about ghost spoting in Bhangarh? An abandoned village near Alwar in Rajasthan, Bhangarh is famed as the most haunted place in Asia.

It is around100 kilometers from Jaipur. The last stretch of the journey is a bit tough as you move along havelis, ramparts and temples on deserted, uneven roads.

But, adventure tourists don't mind it. Almost everything at Bhangarh is shrouded by mystery; you can actually smell the air of spookiness as you climb up the fort and see the gigantic terrain of ruins surrounding the fort.

Although it is not advisable to stay here after sunset, many daredevils do spend a night stay inside the fort in the quest of paranormal activity.

Trekking to Gaumukh can also be a good option. Gangotri, the source of the Ganges, to Gaumukh is 18 kilometer-long excursion, meant for the devout or for adventure junkies like you.

The grand view of glistening Gaumukh glacier comes as the final prize. The shrine of Gangotri is perched up at 3200 meters and surrounded by coniferous trees. Before setting out for the trek, remember to put a route map, a torch, a raincoat, and a first-aid kit in your backpack.

The initial ascent is a good warm-up. Enjoy your rendezvous with towering mountains and challenging terrains alongside the Bhagirathi. As you climb higher, the amazing transformation of landscape will overwhelm you. The trek may take you to three days or more, depending on your speed and the weather. Once you reach Gaumukh, take a 'holy' dip in the icy water. If you plan to trek up to Tapovan, you need to be careful; it is a challenging trekking route with some dangerous crevasses.

Source: ANI