“Experienced, sensible” Hillary will win US presidential election: Hina Khar

Lahore [Pakistan], Nov. 6 Former Pakistan foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar has predicted that the United States presidential election will be won by Hillary Clinton as she is considered more suitable, respected, experienced and sensible candidate for the slot not only in her country but the entire world.

Khar said Donald Trump will lose the election due to his extremism and hatred towards other religious communities particularly the Muslims.

The Dawn quoted Khar as saying, "Though the contest for the US presidential elections appears to be neck and neck between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, I am of the view that Ms Clinton will win.

I as well as others think of success of Hillary as good, not only for the US but also for other countries, including Pakistan." She was speaking during a discussion in the Beaconhouse Group's three-day festival 'A World of Tomorrow: Seeking Inspiration and Equilibrium in a New Age' at a local club here on Saturday.

Khar stated that Hillary knew about the dynamics of Pakistan better than Trump. The former foreign minister described the relations between Islamabad and Beijing to be excellent as always which had resulted in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

"It is really a good thing and support as it will build a huge infrastructure in Pakistan. But the current Pakistan government shouldn't create the impression or narrative that the US, India, Afghanistan, Iran, etc are against this project rather it should focus on its timely completion with transparency," Khar added.

Speaking about the relations between New Delhi and Islamabad and the prevailing tension at the border, she stated that Pakistan's foreign policy on India has been very clear.

Khar said, "We have a reactive foreign policy on India. And it only means to show the world that what India is doing and what we (are doing). Our policy has proved successful." The former foreign minister held the sitting government responsible for not presenting the Kashmir issue well as it should have done in a professional way.

Talking about the Pakistan-Russia relations, Khar said that she had participated in the two major interactions in Moscow during her stint as the foreign minister.

"These interactive sessions/meetings were really wonderful as I felt both Pakistan and Russia were on the same page on various bilateral issues like they were never before," she said.

Source: ANI