Extra-marital app Gleeden’s subscriptions up 70% in India

New Delhi, March 23 : In COVID-19 times, love seems to be blossoming on online dating platforms and extra-marital dating app Gleeden has seen subscriptions increased by over 70 per cent in India as more people stay home, the company said on Monday.

Gleeden which has registered a longer time spent on the website globally said it expects subscriptions to rise further in India as most parts of the country are observing lockdown till March 31.

The extra-marital dating app Gleeden has seen longer threads in chats (2.5 times times longer than usual), an increase in the upload of pictures in both public and especially private albums and in the number of members who are updating their profiles with a new description.

Gleeden started its operations in India in 2017 and now claims to have over 8 lakh active Indian users.

In Italy, where mandatory quarantine started on March 4, the platform have seen a boom in subscriptions after the first week that has tripled in the past two weeks.

"The traffic on the website has been increasing by 300 per cent and the time spent on the website went from an average of 2 hours to a current average of 3 hours every day in Italy," said Gleeden.

More and more people are using Gleeden to meet strangers (online) or spending their time in order to to know people in a better way that they were already talking to.

In France and Spain, where the lockdown started a few days ago, the platform is witnessing a surge in subscriptions.

"Discreet platforms like Gleeden that put members' privacy in the first place and guarantees privacy and secrecy is in high demand these days.

This is because it's easier and more discreet to connect from the phone, where members can activate the "discreet mode" where Gleeden's interface looks like Facebook's," said the company.

Gleeden is also witnessing an increase of sudden disconnections because members are taking advantage of the "Shake To Exit" function, which allows them to disconnect immediately and close the Gleeden app with just a quick shake of their device.

"Very useful when the spouse sneaks up on you!" said the company.



Source: IANS