Face cleansers for different skin types

New Delhi, Oct 26 : Cleansing has slowly but surely become a crucial step in each ones skincare routine.

To combat breakouts, dull skin and clogged pores, cleansing is essential. From foaming cleansers to oils, water-based, creams and gel cleansers, there are a variety of cleansing textures available on the shelf so make sure you are opting for one wisely.

Aswad Ahmad, representative expert at Eau Thermale Avene, breaks it down on how to choose the best type of cleanser for each skin type.

* Gel cleansers are recommended for combination, oily and acne-prone skin.

The consistency of a gel cleanser is clear and thick and helps in getting a deep cleanse. It decongests clogged pores, removes excess oils without stripping the skin. Ingredients that should be looked out for in a gel cleanser are Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Glycolic Acid, and Witchhazel.

A gel cleanser is mostly recommended for teenagers to remove the excess oil from their skin and to prevent acne as their skin is more susceptible to such symptoms.

* Milky lotion textured cleansers are suitable for dry, sensitive and aging skin.

They are thick and have a dense formula that not only helps in a thorough cleanse but also moisturizes the skin.

While purchasing a lotion-based cleanser, make sure to check the ingredients and select products that say non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic, to avoid pore blockage.

* For oily and/or acne-prone skin, a foam textured cleanser should be opted for.

A foam cleanser has the tendency to strip the skin, so one must ensure that they moisturize their skin post the cleansing routine is complete.

A foam based cleanser should contain glutamic acid that regulates the production of sebum.

* A French creation, Micellar water is the lightest texture available for cleansing.

This formula is ideal for all skin types and a great alternative to traditional cleansers. The formula contains micelles that are small particles which trap impurities and soaks in any residue and grease from the skin.

The Micellar water doesn't contain any harsh chemicals, hydrates the skin and also acts as a toner.

Sangeeta Velaskar, Vice President and Head, Medical Services and R (and) D, Kaya Limited explains that cleansing is a vital skincare routine that should be incorporated for everyone to help get rid of the grit and dirt from ones' skin, prevent excess sebum from clogging pores and help maintain the skins natural defense barrier.

* Those with dry and parched skin should opt for cleansers which a have a milder gel or lotion base, soap free formulas also prevent moisture from getting stripped from already dry skin, a soothing gel based cleanser l is recommended to meet these types of needs.

* Those with skin that is sensitive and prone to reactions should be on the lookout for cleansers that do not have any harsh ingredients and are ideally hypoallergenic to prevent any irritation.

There are cleansers suitable for sensitive skin types which should be opted for.

* Oily skin can have pores that are enlarged and clogged due to excess sebum production, this should be taken care of by using cleansers that are specifically designed to be deep cleansing and help with oil control for acne preventing and reduction

* For skin that's dull and patchy due to pollution, stress or lifestyle related skin issues, cleansers that contain multivitamins will help in replenish and enrich.

Vitamins like B3 or E help with brightening and evening out the skin tone and help with a more youthful and clear appearance.



Source: IANS