Fashion brand ‘Vismaya’ to soon open its collections for Indian customers

New Delhi [India], Sep 29 : In today's fashion-savvy world, people are in a constant look out for creativity and something alluring to go hand-in-hand with their fashion sense.

This need is perfectly fulfilled by the distinguished fashion brand 'Vismaya', which reflects originality and commitment.

The prestigious fashion brand is widely popular in various parts of Europe, Japan and North America. It has had experience working with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry including Neiman Marcus, Gap, Lucky brand, BCBG, Calypso St.Barth, Museum of art and design etc.

The globally acknowledged fashion brand 'Vismaya' is now bringing its magnificent collection of shawls, stoles and scarves for the Indian customers starting this October.

This initiative would aid the Indian clientele to be up to date with the changing fashion industry and choose from their exquisite collection.

The launch has been very strategic as it is right at the onset of winter as well as the festive and wedding season.

"We are extremely excited about launching Vismaya in India. After the success of Vismaya as a brand in the US and Europe it was only natural for us to explore the Indian market.

India is not only a country which is culturally extremely rich but also has a luxury sector growing at a CAGR of almost 25 percent YoY," said Director of Vismaya, Shikul Narula.

With an experience of over a decade, Vismaya has carved a niche for itself in the global market, in offering breathtaking and colorful variety of shawls, scarves and wraps.

Their beautiful collections are made using the finest fabrics and silkiest threads with superbly detailed craftsmanship.

The products are meticulously styled in Los Angeles and handcrafted in India keeping in mind the latest trends from across the globe "The ever changing and evolving trends of fashion as well as India's deep rooted cultural heritage are key inspirations for Vismaya.

Our designs not only reflect the poise and elegance of our ideas, but also keep up to date with the changing fashion environment," added Narula.

"The attention to detail given by our designers and production team ensures that every product we make is unique and exquisitely crafted," added Narula.

Quite interestingly, Vismaya also has an option for customizing products to meet the customers' needs.

Vismaya will offer an exquisite collection of genuine cashmere and pashmina embroidered stoles as well as elegantly crafted heirloom shawls including antique Jamevars, Kalamkaari, Kaanis, Soznis, Papier-mache, etc.

to its Indian customers. Furthermore, designers at Vismaya focus on reviving ancient weaves and traditional embroideries of India and simultaneously focus on creating unique designs that have beautiful color stories, are luxurious and are high on their fashion quotient.

This makes them stand out from other brands. Shivani Mehrotra, Director Vismaya USA, says, "We deeply value the craftsmanship and effort behind making handcrafted shawls and stoles.

It is our endeavor to prevent some of the weaving techniques and embroideries to become a dying form of art.

At Vismaya, we wish to preserve the heritage and age old skill of making shawls and are working towards minimizing counterfeit products being sold in the market which discredits the hard work of artisans.".

Source: ANI