First free customer care calling app Aino announces operational launch

New Delhi [India], Nov 15 : India's first unified voice-driven platform Aino has announced the launch f a helpdesk application, which enables efficient customer query resolution and facilities better brand interactions with multiple service providers through a single platform.

Aino also helps brands in decreasing their call abandonment rates, reducing Average Handling Time (AHT) by a minimum of 40 seconds, and saving up to 10 percent on customer service budget.

Available on both Android and iOS, the simple, effective, and efficient application enables its users to add a brand to their dashboard in order to post queries, book requests, or register a complaint.

Customers can also request an instant call-back from the customer care representative or schedule the call at a time of their convenience.

By automating self-service options for users, Aino allows them to handle generic queries, such as nearest dealership location, service request, bill payment etc.

by themselves. "With the customer service landscape in India in need of an urgent transformation, the launch of a tech-based product such as Aino, serving as an umbrella platform for multiple household brands, holds immense promise for consumers and brands alike.

While customers benefit from a convenient and comfortable way of getting their service requests addressed, brands will be able to enhance their consumer satisfaction levels and decrease their customer service operation costs.

We are confident that Aino has the potential to be a truly global product that will revolutionize the customer service industry around the world," said Promoter and Director ICCS and Founder and CEO Aino, Divij Singhal.

By allowing customers to maintain relationship IDs and product-specific information for multiple brands, Aino serves as a unified database that maintains all interactions for its users.

Having already received acknowledgement and appreciation from some of the most prominent brands in India, Aino is emerging as the perfect tool for organisations to optimize their customer service operations.

The platform will be looking to add more features such as recharge, bill payment, bill details, plan upgrade/change, and complaint registration in order to enable better brand-customer interactions and efficient and effective customer query resolutions.

Source: ANI