Five facts about Grammys that you don’t want to miss

New Delhi (India), Feb. 13 : With this year's Grammy Awards less than a day away, the show has given some really dramatic moments over the years.

Below are some facts about the music's biggest night, you really need to know: 1. The Grammy for Best New Artist might not seem like an important award, but some of the world's famous musicians now were the recipients.

Artists like Mariah Carey won it in 1991 for 'Emotions', Maroon 5 beat out Kanye West in 2005 for their highly successful album 'Songs About Jane'.

And who can forget, 'Adele's' win in 2009 for her album '19' and now eight years later she is up for five Grammys.

2. It is one of the world's longest award shows, as it usually runs for at least four hours, which in terms of awards shows, is extremely long.

Only the 'Academy Awards' rival the Grammys runtime. 3. The only person to get an actual trophy is the singer. Any producer or songwriter involved instead receives a customised participation certificate which are "printed on heavy, ivory stock with a gold foil embossed shield".

4. Rob Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan, are the only artists that were stripped of their award, after it was revealed neither of them had sung a single note on the album.

The German duo, were simply the faces on the cover and the vocals had actually been recorded by an array of un-credited voices.

5. While we see number of cringe-worthy moments in the award show, but nothing can be compared to what Andy Williams did in 1976.

The 'Moon River' singer attempted an adlib and it didn't go down so well. The show was attempting a satellite cross to Stevie Wonder, but was experiencing technical issues. When the problem was finally sorted, Williams asked Wonder, "Stevie can you see me?". and he was never chosen to host again!.

Source: ANI