Follow celebrities but understand that every person is unique: Celebrity trainer

New Delhi, Oct 24 : Celebrity trainer Shivoham, who has worked with celebrities like Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Sonakshi Sinha, Jacqueline Fernandez and Ranveer Singh, says that it's good to imbibe a healthy lifestyle and training from celebrities but one should not forget that every person is unique and what might work for these A-listers won't work for them.

"I would say please do follow the celebrities and try to imbibe their training and healthy lifestyle but also understand that every person is unique and what suits someone else may or may not suit you.

Whatever programme you follow be sensible and realistic about it," Shivoham told IANS over an e-mail.

"The main thing to take away from the transformation of the celebs is that with dedication and hard work anything is possible," he added.

The trainer, who is also the brand ambassador of SF Health Tech, feels that Bollywood has always influenced people around the world and specially in India be it in style, fashion, lifestyle and now also fitness.

"The celebrities need to work super hard and literally live in the gym to get their goals achieved for that particular role and for that they do work with the best in the industry for their diet and training, this also helps in creating awareness in fitness.

Different celebrities work in different ways to achieve their goals," he said.

So who is the one actor who still leads a healthy life?

"I would have to say there are few but I can speak of one since I have had a chance to know him personally.

Sunil Shetty (actor) is nothing less than an icon when it comes to fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle.

"The man still trains every day, eats what is required and when it is required and more than anything he has a strong and a very healthy mind which keeps him functioning to his highest potential every single day," said Shivoham.



Source: IANS