Former Miss India says Indians being given much importance in U.S. polls for first time

By Naveen Kapoor New York [United States], Nov. 7 : Actress and Former Miss India, Manasvi Mamgai, who is campaigning for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has said that Indians are being given much importance in the U.S.

elections for the first time. Speaking to ANI in an exclusive interview 48 hours before America declares who will be the next occupant of the White House- Trump or his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton- Mamgai said it's very important to have some interface between young Indians and young Indian Americans.

She said she is here to bridge that gap and to help in spread awareness about Trump's policies. "We need a businessman. We have enough politicians who make false promises, I will rather have somebody who is genuine than somebody who says something and does something completely opposite," Mamgai said.

She hoped that Trump would win, and added that she would like to see it happen. "Why he will be better for India? If you are following his speeches and whatever he has done, it is pretty clear," she said.

Source: ANI