Trump loves Indians, says Indian American industrialist

New York [United States], Nov. 7 : An Indian American industrialist has said that Republican president nominee Donald Trump loves Indians and added that he has various plan could be in favour of India.

Speaking to ANI in an exclusive interview 48 hours before America declares who will be the next occupant of the White House- Trump or his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton- Shalabh Kumar said, "Hillary is pro India in any sense, I can't find.

On the other hand you look at trade, there are too many restrictions by the current government on trade with India, the government right now restricts the U.S.

sale of advanced armaments to India." "India is energy hungry and the U.S. has plenty of energy and India has to buy that energy at a much higher price," he said. The Indian American industrialist said that the whole Trump family is very involved with Indian Americans.

They had celebrated Diwali at the Orlando Temple..

Source: ANI