Fortis doctors save patient from severe dengue type disorder

New Delhi, Feb 25 : A 12-year-old boy from Gurugram got a new lease of life after doctors successfully treated the patient suffering from a severe form of dengue.

Shahib was suffering from 'dengue shock syndrome', which is a severe form of dengue affecting the blood and lymph vessels.

If not treated on time, it leads to failure of the circulatory system leading to bleeding and permanent organ failure.

The boy was presented with no pulse and no blood pressure.

In addition, his vitals were deteriorating at an extremely alarming rate and was severely bleeding from his mouth and nose and was put on ventilator at Pediatric ICU.

Doctors at Fortis Hospital administered him multiple units of blood (40) and blood products like fresh frozen plasma and platelets in order to compensate for the heavy blood loss.

His survival seemed extremely difficult as he was suffering from liver failure, an acute kidney injury and the acute form of respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).

"For 12 long days, Sahib's chances of survival were extremely critical. Against all odds, we continued to put all possible efforts into his treatment. Our team backed themselves in providing adequate care and treatment and not to forget that it was the child's remarkable spirit to fight back that made all the difference," said Rahul Nagpal, Director Fortis Hospital in New Delhi.

Shahib's stay at hospital lasted more than a month in November. He is doing fine post discharge.



Source: IANS