Frank Ocean drops his much-awaited album ‘Endless’

Washington.D.C, Aug. 19 : Ending long spell of speculations, Frank Ocean has finally released the new music album 'Endless'.

The 45-minute album was released through Apple music. Along with releasing this song, Apple also announced that "more from Frank" would be released over the weekend, giving the fans a view that his second album is nearly here, reports The Guardian.

Initially titled 'Boys Don't Cry', the song was anticipated the follow-up to 2012's 'Channel Orange' and was scheduled to release last month.

Though the deadline wasn't met, the fans were appeased with the launch of a four-day live stream at

It was set in a warehouse with desks and audio equipment lining the back wall, featuring a man - presumed to be Ocean - cutting wood.

The stream, which contained snippets of music but no vocals ended on August 4 - with no new release from Ocean.

Explaining the reason behind the delay, Ocean's producer Malay in an interview said, "Art cannot be rushed." "It's about making sure the perfect aesthetic for the situation has been reached, to do that takes constant tweaking, trial and error ..That goes for any creative [situation]," he added. Shortly after the stream was replayed on Thursday night, Apple confirmed that Endless would be available exclusively on Apple Music from midnight.

A representative for Apple Music confirmed that 'Endless' was a separate project to his 'Sophomore' album, which would be released over the weekend.

He added that the album was no longer titled 'Boys Don't Cry'..

Source: ANI