Fresh Covid cases in UP remain below 50

Lucknow, Aug 31 : Uttar Pradesh has restricted the number of fresh Covid-19 cases to below 50 for three consecutive weeks.

Indicating consistent decline, the state on Tuesday recorded 19 fresh cases, testifying success of the multi-pronged approach adopted by the state government in limiting the transmission of the virus in the densely populated state.

With strengthening of the public health system, clear risk communication and active participation, the Yogi Adityanath government has been able to effectively manage the pandemic with a steady decline in the number of fresh Covid cases and deaths.

Uttar Pradesh, under its stringent T3 testing mechanism, 'Trace, Test and Treat', conducted more than 1.73 lakh Covid tests in the past 24 hours.

The daily case positivity rate in Uttar Pradesh too has dipped to 0.01 per cent from a high of over 16.84 percent in April.

Case positivity rate is the percentage of samples that test positive out of the total number of samples evaluated.

Besides, as many as 357 of the 554 oxygen plants have already been established and are functional while work on the rest is going on in Uttar Pradesh.

Twenty-five oxygen plants were already functional in the state before the government took the step of constructing more at a rapid pace to ensure the availability of sufficient amount of medical oxygen in view of any possible future requirement.



Source: IANS