Friday Night Originals, a stage for independent music lovers

New Delhi (India), Feb. 19 : Referred as India's first original independent music startup, 'Friday Night Originals' has started with a vision to make original and independent music accessible to everyone.

It is a platform for the upliftment of original and independent music and its practices in India and beyond.

Durjoy, co-founder of FNO, shared how this concept was created in a frenzy, "Abhibroto, founder of FNO, wanted to record my songs but I told him, 'Why record one single person, when you have a whole city to record?' The plan wasn't to restrict ourselves to 16 episodes; we just wanted to bring new people to the limelight.

The format was sorted out when we decided to attempt crowdfunding, which didn't work out, unfortunately.

Then, Lost is Found came in offering to help with equipment and we shot in a homely setting, including three episodes that we shot in a practice pad." He added, " Now we have already finished season 2 and a lot of people have come forward to help us out.

The primary idea is to never compromise on the audio. So when asked to shoot in, say a park or a fancy room, we didn't want to do that, because there are other projects that are doing the same thing, compromising on the audio quality." Talking about crowd-funding and why it did not work out, he shared that people are still not comfortable to invest in independent music.

"I think people aren't interested in investing in independent music. Maybe it doesn't appeal to the normal crowd. We were probably unable to make much headway into a large crowd, so that was a hindrance as well. Plus we pitched it too high, I guess." FNO, being an independent music startup operating digitally majorly depends on the digital promotion of its content.

Using comprehensive digital marketing tools, the startup promotes content through YouTube, Facebook, website and other media marketing tools.

Source: ANI