Garbage pile up in Muzaffarabad leaves people distressed

Muzaffarabad [Pakistan], Dec. 2 : Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) capital Muzaffarabad continues to wrestle with the problem of trying to get rid of huge heaps of garbage lying out in the open.

Repeated pleas by locals have fallen on deaf ears. The litter in the streets, especially in public places, is placing the lives of the people at risk. "You can see the large dump of garbage here. A lot of problem is caused to the public. The garbage has led to an infestation of insects and germs. A medical store is situated here, doctors also work here. This is the only way to pass through. The garbage has been lying here for days. We have made several requests to the authorities, but no action has been taken regarding it," said Zeeshan, a local resident.

People have to cope with not just garbage, but also with dirty water and potholes on roads. Due to the poor conditions of roads, traffic often moves slowly and results in long snarls. Apart from causing accidents, it is very difficult for locals to walk daily on pothole-filled roads. As the authorities are turning a blind eye to grievous issues, the residents are infuriated by their apathy.

"After the floods, not even single person gave a look at the poor condition of roads. The garbage is lying on roads and other waste keeps piling on but no one pays pay attention to it. Already, there is too much rush on the roads. People are falling ill due to poor hygienic conditions. This standing water allows bacteria and other harmful diseases to grow. I have made several requests to the administration also but to no response," said another local resident.

The lives of the people in PoK are full of misery, as Pakistan which annexed the region illegally, has failed to improve their standard of living.

Source: ANI