IIT Chennai students in favour of demonetisation, says Naidu

New Delhi [India], Dec. 2: Union Urban Development Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu met Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Chennai, students on Friday. After interacting with the students, Naidu said he discussed Digital India initiatives of the Centre. "Youngsters are always in the forefront of transformation. The Prime Minister has initiated a great transformation in the country and he wants the country to move towards cashless economy.

We are trying to communicate with the people, the youngsters who have all come are in favour of this move of the honorable Prime Minister of demonetisation and the fight against black money, the youngsters are with the government.," Naidu further said that the students of IIT Chennai have come to interact with him today and he focused on the issue of the need for digital transfer, electronic transfer, So that they can all move from cash to digital transfer.

"We are trying to involve the youngsters also in the campaign and these students who have come from IIT Chennai; they have a legislative council like we have upper house and Lok Sabha here, they want to debate, discuss and then decide and arrive at conclusions.

That's a good thing, good practice. Less cash economy is the need of the hour and the country is moving towards that," he added..

Source: ANI