Georgina Chapman ‘not a victim’ of Weinstein

Los Angeles, Feb 20 : Fashion Designer Georgina Chapman says she is not a victim of her estranged husband and producer Harvey Weinstein, according to her close friend Keren Craig.

Craig, with whom she co-founded fashion brand Marchesa, said that the designer doesn't view herself as a "victim" of the producer, and is instead just trying to move on with her life away from him.

"She doesn't see herself as a victim.

That's very important. She's just trying to get on with her life. You've got to realise George is such a strong woman. Don't get me wrong, it's a very hard time, but she's quite inspirational," Craig told Grazia magazine.

Craig also said she and Chapman are in the process of discussing the best way for the fashion brand to support the #MeToo and Time's Up movements which have risen from the allegations against Weinstein and other Hollywood executives.

She added: "We want to support them.

We want to make a gesture. We need to properly process how it can be the most beneficial."

Chapman announced her decision to divorce Weinstein within days of the New York Times article in which several of his alleged victims first came forward, and Keren was stunned by how "incredibly strong" her fashion friend was.

Asked if she'd ever had an inkling about Weinstein's alleged behaviour, Craig said: "Absolutely not.

No it was a total shock. It was upsetting and my heart was broken for George. I actually couldn't believe how incredibly strong she was. She threw herself in to work, she threw herself into protecting her kids. Marchesa is her life, it is her passion."



Source: IANS